Del Bosque Slams Critics

Vicente Del Bosque is not going to be the manager of the Spain national football team after the European Championships of 2016.
He has also slammed his critics who have been saying that he has occupied his position for a bit too long and that, he should have moved away right after that World Cup glory in 2010.
Del Bosque finds those remarks absolutely ridiculous. According to him, if you achieve something very big, you should try and do it again rather than be content and just leave.
Del Bosque does have a point here. He has two European Cup titles to his name with Real Madrid and he also has two big international titles i.e. the World Cup and the Euro Championships with his country Spain. So, it’s clear that he is a person who doesn’t get complacent too easily.
He looked very irritated when he was asked by a journalist when he would be leaving.
Answering that question, the 63-year old said, “Some people tend to forget the fact that I am a professional manager. This is what I do for my living. This is the source of earning for me. So, why am I supposed to stop doing what I am doing? I just can’t understand that.”
“There have been a lot of talks about leaving on a high. But, instead of doing that, why one should not try and repeat an accomplishment? I did that with Madrid. I became the Champions League winner for the second time. That would not have been possible if I had made my way out of there after that first title.”
“My intention is to keep working with Spain till 2016 if nothing wrong happens. Once the Euro gets done, I would leave.”