FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke has given a warning to all the host cities in Brazil that they cannot afford to relax because there are still a lot of work to be done.

Brazil were awarded the rights to host the World Cup 2014 several years ago, but work on improving the stadium infrastructure began only a few years ago. This has resulted in huge delays, which has even threatened the prospect of the tournament are being moved to another nation. However, it looks like the World Cup is set to go as planned in Brazil, but there maybe alterations in the host cities.

Some of the host stadiums are yet to be completed and with the World Cup less than a couple of months away, FIFA could decide to reorganise the schedule. Jerome Valcke is scheduled to visit the country in the next few days. Ahead of the visit, he has issued a warning to all the host cities saying that the Valcke work should kickstart from now on. The stadiums that are ready should not get lackadaisical since the remains a lot of fine-tuning work remaining in order to make the World Cup a perfect tournament.

Curitiba is one of the cities in danger of losing its host city status due to the inability to complete its stadium.

"None of the 12 cities can afford to sit back and relax. There's still plenty of fine-tuning to be done. We are closely monitoring the works in Curitiba in order to assess the situation there. We will communicate the final decision to the teams, as promised, on 18 February when the Team Workshop starts in Florianopolis," Valcke said. Brazil has also been rocked by death of several workers. There have also been protests by the public against the government spending on stadiums.