Luiz Suarez Expected To Give Barcelona A Good Lift

After two consecutive defeats question are being raised as to how Barcelona can best deploy Luiz Suarez.

Barcelona’s coach Luis Enrique has been very sour and sarcastic in his replies and after the defeat has said that the hunting season was open and that they were in for a nice week. The defender Dani Alves remarked very soon that there was going to be a lot of criticism that will come along with all of this and sarcasm. He also said that it was the worst board ever in history. And nearly at the same time there were small groups chanting the same and also had banners.

It was the first time in 56 games that Barcelona had not scored in a home match. Luiz Suarez has been performing well and is very positive. However, going by the stats we see that the team has won all the eight matches without him and the two matches with him both were a defeat. He is set to be making his Champions League debut for Barcelona.

It is going to be against a former club Ajax. Suarez says that Ajax was like a school for him where he learnt polished his football skills. Though it will be a strange and awkward failing to be u against the club who corrected his technical failings, he says that he is all ready to give everything that takes for Barcelona.

Barcelona is very much in need of a win after the losses it has suffered. Confidence has been waning but Barcelona really needs to get it all together and win the game.

Luiz has been reportedly saying that it was not an individual problem rather it was about all of them. He also said that it was very obvious that they would be getting all that criticism after they lost two games. But it was time for them to forget the loss and work on improving.