Spain might have lost to Holland the other day

Spain might have lost to Holland the other day, but, the manager Vicente Del Bosque reckons his boys were not the second best in the encounter.

According to Del Bosque, La Roja undoubtedly played better Football and if luck had favoured a tad, they would have turned it around.

Spain went 0-2 down in the first quarter of the game itself and despite trying hard from there onwards, they couldn’t do anything.

Spain did have the possession for a large fraction of the game, but, possession counts for nothing.
After conceding that sort of lead early, what Spain needed was to sneak in the goals, but, it wasn’t to be.

The goals just did not get made and the lead of the opposition remained intact.

However, one thing that the Spanish fans would be quite happy to see was that two debutants who were fielded (one starter and one substitute), both of them were up for the occasion.

Praising the youngsters in the post match media conference, Del Bosque said, “We had two debutants featuring and I would like to give them full marks the way they came out of it. There was spring in their steps especially Juanmi. That bloke seems to be going to have a great future. He could so easily have scored a couple of times today.”

“If you see the latter parts of the first half and the whole of second half, they were nowhere close to us. The number of times that we managed to get into their D, it’s hard to believe that we ended up without any goal in our tally.”

When asked about the significance of this outcome, the 64-year old said, “Nothing. It was not that important a game. A friendly is a friendly at the end of the day.”