Vicente del Bosque believes that Rafael Benitez is the correct solution for Real Madrid

Carlo Ancelotti is one of the highest rated managers in football as the Italian coach has been in charge of top clubs from around the world and secured huge pieces of silverware along the way but this wasn’t enough for him to save his job at Real Madrid as he was sacked.

After losing the Spanish league race against Barcelona and being knocked out of the Champions League, Ancelotti was sacked as the head coach of Real Madrid.

Rumors are spreading around and all fingers are pointing towards Rafael Benitez as he is the front-runner of becoming the new coach of Real Madrid and Spain’s Vicente del Bosque believes that Benitez would be a good choice.

Vicente del Bosque is certain that Benitez is the man that Real Madrid needs in order to improve as the 64 year old Spanish manager said: "The arrival of Benitez seems very good and a good solution since he is a prepared man who will try to make Real Madrid better. I knew him for years, he had the idea of engaging the professional world and for that he was prepared,"

Rafael Benitez is already in Madrid as he is believed to be in talks with the head chiefs of Real Madrid discussing the possibility of turning into the new coach of the club but not everyone agrees with the prospect of seeing Benitez taking charge of Real Madrid.

Napoli was the last club that Rafael Benitez coached and he failed to get the Italian club into the finals of the Coppa Italia as his team lost against Lazio.

Napoli finished their campaign by snatching the 5th spot of the Italian league, Serie A and these accomplishments haven’t truly been as impressive for many people who believe that Benitez just isn’t good enough to coach a club which is filled with world class stars such as Real Madrid but Vicente del Bosque has confidence that Benitez is what the Spanish club needs in order to turn things around and start snatching major titles which is something that they failed to do in this recently concluded season.