FIFA World Cup 2022 Rankings

Recently, the FIFA World Cup 2022 came to an end. The tournament was a successful one with blitz and thrill. After the recent conclusion of the tournament, FIFA released the official ranking for all the teams. Fans were also eagerly waiting to know the ranking of their favorite teams. Brazil will hold onto its top spot in the FIFA World Ranking this month despite Argentina winning its first FIFA World Cup title since 1986.

The world rankings are updated every month to reflect the most recent results of all teams. In February 2022, Brazil dethroned Belgium as number one after beating them 3-0 in a friendly match.


Since then, Brazil has maintained its position as number one. The same cannot be said for Argentina, who won their first major tournament since 1986 with a victory in Qatar in 2022. Despite being eliminated from the global football tournament in the quarterfinals by Croatia, Argentina's win was not enough to overtake Brazil for the top spot. According to ESPN, Argentina and France have moved up one spot each to second and third place in the latest rankings release on June 28th.

Belgium, which failed to make it past the group stage, slid down two places to fourth place. England remains in fifth place after their quarterfinal performance. The Netherlands dropped two spots to sixth place due to being eliminated from the COPA America by Chile in 2021--a result that did not impact their ranking within FIFA's official list of national teams because COPA America winners are awarded fewer ranking points than any other team who has not participated in its final stages. Eventually, the list came out as expected although some big teams were there which dropped lots of points due to the expected set of results.