In light of the recent move of Paul Pogba to Manchester United for a record shattering fee of £89 million from five-time Serie A champions Juventus, there’s been a lot of discussions regarding record transfers in history. We look at some of the biggest transfers in cost in history.

Barring inflation, Pogba’s move is the highest ever paid for a player. He left Old Trafford in 2012 following complains that he was not well utilized and underpaid. He moved to Juventus but returned to break the world record and become the highest paid player in the English Premier League, usurping Wayne Rooney.

Before Pogba’s move, Gareth Bale’s move to Spain to play at Real Madrid from Spurs was the record holder. He moved from the EPL for £85 million. When he left Spurs, he was the most outstanding player in the league, forcing Real Madrid to break the world record again. Years earlier, they broke the record to get Cristiano Ronaldo from Old Trafford for £80 million. The player has been very useful at the Bernabeu, helping them to several titles and breaking the goal scoring record with his 364 goals in 347 games.

Juventus broke record as they signed Gonzalo Higuain from Napoli for £75.3 million. He won the Serie A golden boot last season, scoring 36 goals to lift Napoli to second place. The fee is close to what Barcelona paid for Luis Suarez. He was gotten for £75 million. Other top deals include that of James Rodriguez in 2014 for £63 million from AS Monaco after his exploits at the World Cup for Columbia. Angle Di Maria (£59.7m), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (£57m), Kaka (£56m), Kevin De Bruyne (£51m). With the rising cost of players, it is predicted that it would not be long before a player is gotten for £100 million.