Harry Redknapp, the ex-Spurs boss, has finally managed to land a non-Premier League job - the canny veteran has got the charge of the senior national Football team of Jordan.

Jordan has roped him in with high hopes that he would be able to see the team through to World Cup 2018 which has to be hosted in Asia itself; that is in Russia.

Currently, Jordan’s position in the Asian World Cup qualification is hanging in balance and they are not 100% certain to reach the next round. They can win Group B, but, the biggest hindrance in their way is Australia which is leading the group at the moment.

Jordan is facing Australia on 29th of March in Sydney and it’s because of that game especially that the Country’s Football Federation has turned to Redknapp. For his part, Redknapp was having more luckbetting on the horses with StanJames than he was of finding a new managerial position.

As per the Jordan administrators, one who has the knowledge of English Football is a suitable person for the job as the game is played in pretty similar fashion in England and Australia.

An official who is a part of the executive committee of the Federation was quoted as saying, “We have to beat Australia if we have to march ahead. That’s a huge encounter and ahead of that, we sought somebody of a big stature who would have been around and would have done it all and Harry is a certainly the right fit.”

“The game in Australia works pretty much the same way as that in England. There is not too much of difference to be honest and that’s why, we believe Harry can prove to be magical for us.”
Jordan has got Bangladesh to play against as well on 24th before they take the flight to Sydney. That game will be played at the Amman International Stadium.